How to Use Emotional Persuasion as a Growth Tool for Online Selling

How to Use Emotional Persuasion as a Growth Tool for Online Selling

What is emotional persuasion?

Emotional persuasion in the world of business is a process aimed at changing the attitude or behavior of a person or group of people regarding an event, an idea, an object through words, information, feelings, reasoning or the combination of all these aspects.

Understanding the psychological part of people of a particular country is the key to knowing the decision-making process that leads to conversions. Although logical arguments with data, graphics, and specifications are a great way to convince people, they do not represent the only way to achieve it because the brain is partly emotional.

According to the theory of the dual process, the more involved the thought is in an issue, the logical part of the mind loses relevance when making decisions. This is where the potential of the use of emotional persuasion lies, which in general, is the manipulation or use of emotions to convey a message or promote an action.

While doing an online business in Thailands, emotional persuasion plays a very important role. A perfectly defined emotional persuasion grabs the attention of Thailandsn people by intriguing emotions in them. You just have to be consistent in whatever you are doing.

How do emotions impact our decisions?

As much as we think we make rational decisions, this rationalization is nothing more than a self-justification of the decision that our emotional self has taken. People without emotion do not make decisions.

According to a study, in our brain, there are two regions. The first works on autopilot are faster and processes with less effort In it are the emotions. The other one is much slower, lazy and its processing is much more expensive: that's the reason. The conclusions lead us to think that the decisions are taken by the emotional part in an ultra-fast way and then the rational part tries to justify it.

How can you improve your conversion ratios using emotions?

For brands in Thailands, emotional persuasion is a concept that has been capitalized with the creation of emotional advertising pieces that manage to remain for longer in the memory of the audiences that are exposed to these ads. A couple of years ago Trend Hunter Marketing analyzed 37 emotional marketing campaigns and found that there were 8.0 times more popular compared to other types of campaigns.

Therefore, to make the most of it, there are a series of recommendations to follow:

1. Define a process

Emotions are complex, so having a processor guide is essential. You need to know how to apply the techniques of emotional persuasion for a specific audience and for this it is recommended to know the consumer emotionally, choose the main message to use, the format that this will have and finally make tests.

2. Make sure you evoke emotions

Emotional persuasion can be divided into copies or design, but together it is when you can create something that provokes emotions. It is therefore important to consider the use of words or emotional storytelling as well as images, colors, and sources.

There are innumerable ways you can grab the attention of a buyer by evoking their emotions. Like the sense of surprise or anxiety. Let us know about these emotions in details.

    1. Positive Reviews-

    A buyer would always go for reviews before buying online. Because the buyer is not going to touch or feel the product but only going to trust on their instincts. So, it is necessary to sell quality products and persuade existing clients to post authentic reviews everywhere. This is like a social proof for the buyer.

    2. Sense of Scarcity-

    If you post a product with limited stock, or a limited period offer price, or a happy hour discount, a customer would have a sense of scarcity and would make up the mind to buy the product soon.

    3. Display Price-

    Displaying price in big and bold letters help in making decisions for a buyer. A customer who is quite vigilant to buy a product for quite a long time, also looks for the price. The customer would definitely buy the product if you plan to provide a discount. This terms is also known as price anchoring. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to display the price in big and bold letters. For example, a product which is available for PHP100 at a regular price, and you provide a discount of 25 percent, plan to design an image that boldly displays NOW ONLY AT PHP75. This is definitely going to make a sale.

    4. Display Familiar Objects-

    Studies have shown that with the help of presenting something that the customer is familiar with, you can boost up the sales. One definitely looks forward to buying products that they have used previously. If they keep on seeing the same thing in and around, they are more likely to purchase the product.

    5. Fear of Losing Out-

    Have you ever noticed that you tend to get attracted towards a content that has DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY tagged on it? Definitely Yes! Well every person is looking forward to buy something or the other. So, if you instil a fear of losing out in them, they might end up buying the product. Make sure you use the trick of relevancy for this. No matter how low cost a product might be available for, one would never buy unless it is of relevance.

    6. Giving Options-

    It is always better to offer more than one product at a time. This is because displaying one product in the entire page doesn’t rabs the attention of the buyer. However, if you give the buyer the freedom of choice, his mind would work in that particular way. The buyer would buy something in that given situation.

3. Do not limit yourself

With each piece that works to persuade the audience should be considered all possible variants by more detached from the original idea that they may be. Remember that there are 4 pillars of emotional persuasion (sadness, anxiety, amazement, anger) that can be exploited. Finally, we can say that although we like to believe otherwise, most people are more emotional than rational and therefore it is essential to take advantage of this as an advantage for online selling in Thailands.


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